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Handmade Furniture in Boston

Having a place to relax in a bustling city like Boston is a must-have for many, and our furnishings play a crucial in creating a harmonious atmosphere in our homes. Custom furniture from Fletcher House can make your home truly feel like a sanctuary. We create handmade furniture for residents of Boston and all over Massachusetts, with the ability to ship across the United States as well. 


At Fletcher House Furniture, we use traditional woodworking methods to create long-lasting and high-quality pieces that will add balance and harmony to your home. We strive to create functional furniture that will last for decades with timeless methods like mortise, tenon joinery, and hand-cut dovetails. Every board is hand-planed to showcase the natural wood grain of the sustainable wood we choose for your project. Hand-cut dovetails have been a trusted carpentry method for eons and demonstrate not only the skill we put into each piece, but also how dedicated we are to creating furniture that will stand the test of time. 


Every piece we craft is a collaboration between you and us. We encourage you to explore our gallery to find inspiration for any space in your home. We’ve made pieces for modern aesthetics, and we’ve crafted furniture that is more traditional. But every piece we create is custom built for you, and we’ll work with you to make the piece you envision a reality. From live-edge coffee tables to Maloof-inspired rocking chairs, the craftsmen at Fletcher Furniture are excited to create a work of art specifically designed for you.  


We understand that custom bookcases aren’t simply a place to store your books and knickknacks. They’re where you shelve your favorite novels, the books you’ll read on the way as you travel to your honeymoon, and the picture books you’ll use for bedtime stories. At Fletcher House Furniture, we help to create lasting memories. Reach out to us to create a handmade furniture for your Boston home, or something you want to give a loved on one as a gift on special occasion. We look forward to collaborating with you. 

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