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Handmade Furniture Created in Massachusetts

Fletcher House Furnitures has been creating handmade furniture for communities across Massachusetts like Newton for years. Like most towns in the Northeast, Newton is steeped in history, and we want to help you create your own family history with our custom wood working. We create one-of-a-kind household furnishings that are both functional and long-lasting. We create furniture the old way, with traditional tools and techniques, so the pieces you display in your home last for generations and most importantly, so they feel like they belong. 


The woodworking techniques we use are timeless methods passed down from one skilled craftsman to another. We use mortise and tenon joinery and hand-cut dovetails. Every board of wood is hand-planed, meaning that every step of the way your bespoke custom furniture is crafted by the skilled hands of our carpenters. Every piece of furniture we create is custom made in collaboration with you.  


Before deciding on your own custom wood furniture, our gallery of work is available you to browse and find inspiration for a piece that will bring both energy and harmony to your Newton home, or as the perfect gift for someone special celebrating an anniversary or wedding. Our customers seek us out because they want something beautiful and long-lasting to cherish for generations to come.  


At Fletcher House, we understand that a custom dining table and chairs are more than a place to sit and eat. It’s where memories with your family and friends are made. Stories are told, milestones are celebrated, and life happens there. Fletcher House is dedicated to creating quality handmade furniture for customers throughout Massachusetts. The attention to detail in our custom wood wooding is unmatched compared to furniture you typically find in a store. Reach out to us to discuss the creation of custom wood furniture for your Newton home. And for customers outside of the Northeast, we also ship across the United States. 

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